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Luigi’s Mansion 3’s Newest Trailer Shows Varied Environments, Insane Multiplayer


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Alongside Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Pokemon Sword and Shield, during yesterday’s Direct presentation, Nintendo also gave updates on Luigi’s Mansion 3, yet another one of their upcoming titles- and it looked more than just a little interesting.

The trailer, which you can view below, started out with another look at the hotel that the game takes place in- only, it isn’t a regular hotel like you’d expect. Every floor of the hotel is themed differently. There’s an icy, frosty floor, a forest-like floor full of greenery, a floor with a pyramid in it, and even a disco floor.

Nintendo also unveiled a new multiplayer mode for the game. Called ScreamPark, it’s an eight player mode, seeing two teams of four Luigis and four Goooigis fighting against each other to defeat the most ghosts. Anywhere between 2 to 8 players can play the game. Locally, it’s a 4 player mode, but online, up to 8 players can join in.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is out on October 31 for the Switch.


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