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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Walkthrough With Ending
A complete video walkthrough for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2.

Some of the best family friendly games that we routinely get are the LEGO games- and the latest one of those is LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2, which brings the entire Marvel universe of heroes and characters together for another great hub base collectathon romp. It’s the kind of thing you will love to play with your kids over a holiday.

It’s also got a surprisingly nuanced and textured story that you will appreciate for all the subtle and clever nods and references it makes to other Marvel media. If you are interested in checking that out- or if you are stuck in the game, and don’t know where to go and what to do next- then what you need is a walkthrough, which we are only too happy to oblige you with.

Just make sure, though, the walkthrough has full spoilers- so maybe don’t skip ahead of where you are in the story, okay?

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