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Kingdom Hearts “Project Xehanort” Announced for Mobile Platforms


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Tasmania, Australia

The Dark Seeker story of Kingdom Hearts may have been wrapped with Kingdom Hearts 3 but there are more experiences to come. After director Tetsuya Nomura teased a new game coming soon, Square Enix has announced “Project Xehanort“. It’s coming to iOS and Android in Spring.

This, of course, not the final name. A Twitter campaign is currently underway for fans to “Guess the Name” of the project. Simply head here for the rules – the campaign will end on January 28th at 6:59 PM PT. Ten participants who have the closest guesses will win some “big” prizes.

The announcement of the project comes at a pretty good time. Kingdom Hearts 3: ReMind is out now for PS4 and judging by the Secret Episode’s ending, it’s reigniting a lot of interest in the title. We’ll have to wait and see how Project Xehanort plays on mobiles and whether it will be a one-and-done full-priced title or an ongoing title.


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