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Kathy Rain Free on Steam For Limited Time


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Tasmania, Australia

If you have a hankering for the old-school point and click adventure games, then Clifftop Games’ Kathy Rain should do the trick. It’s currently free for PC via Steam until today at 10 AM PDT. Hurry up and claim it quick especially since you can keep it forever.

Originally released in May 2016, Kathy Rain focuses on a journalism major of the same name who’s investigating the death of her grandfather. Venturing to her hometown, Kathy tries to ascertain what her grandfather was searching for that night. Plenty of other unsettling things are happening in Conwell Springs so it won’t be an easy mystery to solve.

Boasting pixel art visuals and over 4,000 lines of dialogue (with full English voice acting), Kathy Rain evokes the surreal plots of the 90’s. All of its environments are hand-drawn and stand out pretty well. If you enjoy Kathy Rain, it may also be worth looking into Whispers of a Machine, another point and click adventure with a compelling narrative.

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