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Just Cause 4’s Newest Trailer Shows Us A Lone Wolf Take on Rico


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Tasmania, Australia

Just Cause 4 will see the series’ protagonist Rico going rogue from the agency he works with, instead lone wolfing it, and attempt to learn the truth of what happened with his father on his own. The newest trailer for the game, which dropped today, and which you can see for yourself below, shows us what the story setup for the game will be like.

The story, of course, is almost never the reason one plays Just Cause, and is mostly just an excuse to set up situations for as much over the top action as possible. On that front, from what the trailer shows us, it looks like Just Cause 4 will not disappoint, though in the end, it’s hard to tell until the game is actually out, of course. Still, early indications appear to be encouraging, if nothing else.

Avalanche has previously stated it wants to tell a “good, honest action story”, and I think the trailer seems to be living up to that promise for now. Hopefully, the final game will too when it launches on December 4 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


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