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Introduction Thread


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Hi all my name is Jason or jay as im known as more.
so i suppose i found this site looking for Irish gamers like myself and my friends paddy and Brendan we all stream together on twitch and YouTube as the 3 and a half men. Brendan and myself jay are from Waterford , paddy is a roscrea man but he lives in Waterford. so please check us out we are by no means great at any game casual gaming you know yourself, but we stream a hole range of games i suppose we do a good bit on cod black ops 4 mostly the black out mode. do a bit of VR as well and brendan is the man for the the likes of until dawn and detroit become human. so if you have nothing else to do look us up on the tube and twitch and enjoy hope to see you over there
Hi. I'm Nate.
I found this site by googling gaming communities. (So yeah, that was easy.)
I'm from Dublin.
I love games to death. I don't take sides in the console wars (Although I show excitement towards Nintendo often.) and my favorite game is Undertale.
I love writing about games and I hope to make a web series about myself and my friend talking about video games, hurting each other and sending bombs to EA, Konami and Phoenix Games.
So yeah. Glad to be here.
My names Joe, from Monaghan and found this looking for a gaming forum for Irish people. Happy to have found this place! Have a love of rpg’s mainly and 90% of what Nintendo has to offer. What I’m currently really excited for though is Borderlands3 coming in a little over a week and would love to meet some other people who have a love for the franchise to play through with when the time comes.
Welcome all to the Community!

Feel free to submit your streaming channels if you have one here.

You can also add your own reviews or guides in the relevant sections if you like, user content is always welcome.

If you have any question, please feel free to ask.


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