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Hunt: Showdown’s Second Map Teaser Features Zombies in Louisiana


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Tasmania, Australia

Crytek’s Hunt: Showdown continues to surge on in early access. Next stop is a brand new map and as indicated in the recent teaser, Lawson Delta is quite the spooky place. Taking place in Louisiana following the Civil War, the teaser starts out earnestly enough.

Unfortunately, something very wrong is happening and it’s causing zombies to shamble about. The real question is what kind of bosses we can expect to see. Crytek will unveil more details about the map at TwitchCon from October 26th to 28th so there’s something to look forward to.

Despite a relatively rough start in Steam Early Access, Hunt: Showdownhas actually been improving significantly. The most recent update patched an exploit that allowed teams to queue into solo matches among other annoyances. The game is still slated to release for Xbox One via the Xbox Game Preview program but we haven’t had any updates on the same.


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