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Hitman 3’s Season of Pride Gets New Trailer, Starts Next Week


IO Interactive just doesn’t stop. After releasing one of the best games this year in Hitman 3, IO has supported the game with a steady stream of new content, from paid DLC to free limited time events like Elusive Targets. Now, IO has announced the latest addition to it’s Seven Deadly Sins DLC: The Season of Pride, which starts next week, and will replace the previous Season of Greed. IO has also released a trailer detailing what players can expect.

In Season of Pride, players will “deep into the mind of Agent 47″ and acquire new sin-based weapons and a new suit. Season of Pride will also include a new Escalation in Chongqing called The Pride Profusion. Like the Season of Greed, Season of Pride will feature new drops added over the course of the season which feature unique items like sin-themed weapons and suits. There will also be new gameplay opportunities and contracts for players to tackle.

Seasons last between four to six weeks and include Escalations, Featured Contracts, and Elusive Targets. Season of Pride will release on May 10th. You can watch the announcement trailer below, courtesy of IO Interactive.


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