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Hitman 2: Haven Island Receives First Murder-Filled Trailer


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Tasmania, Australia

Recently, IO Interactive announced that Haven Island, the second expansion for Hitman 2, would be releasing on September 24th. It introduces a new sandbox set in the Maldives and offers new targets to murder. The first trailer for the expansion is now available – check it out below.

Haven Island essentially functions as a retreat for criminals to reconstruct identities. It’s full of luxurious services but a storm is seemingly en route (which could also be an analogy for Agent 47 coming to assassinate people). Along with five new items and a new suit to unlock, there are 20 Location Mastery levels to be had.

Over 75 new challenges will also be available along with the ability to create new Contracts. Haven Island will close out the expansion pass for Hitman 2 (the last expansion took place in a New York bank) but expect more support in the near future. At least, until the developer finally starts work on Hitman 3.


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