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GRIME is Out Now, Launch Trailer Highlights Surreal Visuals


Play as a sentient black hole in a surreal dark world and absorb everything in sight. GRIME is available for PC and Google Stadia.​

Clover Bite’s side-scrolling action adventure RPG GRIME, which sees the player controlling a sentient black hole, is out now. To highlight its dark world and surreal setting, a new launch trailer has been released. Check it out below.

GRIME sees the player exploring this strange new world and encountering bizarre enemies. Given the black hole’s properties, it’s possible to absorb any foes and then use their properties to augment your own fighting style. You can look for tougher enemies and use them to unlock even better skills. Even the weapons are bizarre and capable of mutating while fighting.

The world itself follows a Metroidvania-like structure with interconnected levels, various denizens to meet and platforming challenges to overcome. Of course, you’ll also encounter a variety of different, massive bosses as well. GRIME is currently available for PC and Google Stadia – stay tuned for news on a potential release for consoles in the coming months.


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