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GRID Trailer Outlines Rivalries, Nemeses, and Much More


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Tasmania, Australia

Codemasters’ GRID, a reboot of the Race Driver: Grid series, has received a short new gameplay trailer. It highlights a number of the game’s features including unique AI driver personalities, forging rivalries and either creating or becoming a Nemesis. Check it out below.

The addition of AI drivers helps mix the racing up significantly since they all have different tolerance thresholds. Some may not be angered too quickly when trading paint with you while others will fly off the handle. Players can also have teammates to assist them in races and former Nemeses can even be taken on as well (though they may not be willing to listen to you).

On top of that are changes to the Career Mode which no longer requires placing in the pole position for each event to win the GRID World Series. You’ll also take on two-time Formula One World Champion Fernando Alonso, who also happened to consult on the game. GRID is out on October 11th for Xbox One, PS4 and PC and will also be coming to Google Stadia.


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