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Gamescom 2020 GreedFall Gamescom Demo Breaks Down Factions, Companions, And More


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The newest RPG from Spiders, GreedFall, is coming at us fast, and it’s got some pretty ambitious ideas about what it wants to accomplish when it gets here. Whether or not it will remains to be seen, but until then, it’s looking pretty good. A new video also shows a lot of the meat on the bone, so to speak, on the various elements of the game.
In a video with IGN, we get to see some of the aspects of the games with the developers taking some time to break down things. In it we see the companion system, and how invaluable it can be to survival. Alongside that comes the Faction system, and your companions loyalty to various factions with conflicting goals and mindsets, something you’ll have to constantly navigate as you progress and gather more companions. With that we see some more in-game footage and some more elaboration on some RPG mechanics. Check it out below.
GreedFall will release September 10th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.


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