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Gran Turismo Sport Getting Rainy Weather Soon


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The latest installment in the racing sim, Gran Turismo Sport, has been getting a good dose of post launch support since its initial release. Just last month it got a big update that included a whole new track and venue. Now it seems the game might be getting a little bit wetter here soon.

The game has a lot going on for it, but it does lack some key weather effects. We’ve getting some glimpses of the next update and, lo and behold, it looks like the some true, blue rain effects are coming to the game. There’s been no official confirmation, but you can check out some off screen videos that seem to very clearly show the after effects of a good rain. Whether this will come with the next update or not is unclear, but could very well be since we’re getting a look at them already.

Gran Turismo Sport is available now on PlayStation 4.


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