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Gamescom 2020 Ghostrunner Gets Fast And Bloody Gameplay Reveal


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While it’s impossible at this point for anything to take the thunder away from Cyberpunk 2077, it’s safe to say, as the cyberpunk-themed title to look toward, there is a pretty slick new game based on the genre in town with Ghostrunner. The game was announced earlier at Gamescom this year seemingly out of nowhere, and now it’s getting a gameplay reveal that’s coming at you quick.

You can see the footage below. You can see that the name of the game isn’t just something cool sounding, it’s being pretty literal as you must speed through a level, chopping up anyone who gets in your way, which can get pretty bloody in brutal one-shot kills. Wallrunning, jumping and just a general feel of speed defines the game, where you must climb the tower of the last remaining shelter for humanity as secrets are unveiled.

Ghostrunner will release sometime in 2020 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.


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