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Ghost Recon Breakpoint Gold, Ultimate and Wolves Collector’s Editions Revealed


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Tasmania, Australia

Like many Ubisoft titles, Ghost Recon Breakpoint has a variety of special editions to purchase along with the Standard Edition. These are the Gold, Ultimate and Wolves Collector’s Edition. Regardless of the edition pre-ordered, you’ll receive access to the beta which is coming close to launch and the Sentinel Pack. Not only that but three days early access to the full game will be provided.

The Gold Edition includes the base game and Year 1 Pass. If the latter is anything like Ghost Recon Wildlands, then pass holders will receive early access to the post-launch expansions. The Ultimate Edition contains the base game, Year 1 Pass and the Ultimate Pack while the Wolves Collector’s Edition includes the same along with a high-end figurine of Cole D. Walker, a steelbook, lithographs, Walker’s dog tag, a map of Auroa and the soundtrack.

If you want something standalone to collect, a Ubicollectibles figurine of Nomad is currently available to pre-order on the Ubisoft Store. Ghost Recon Breakpoint will be releasing on October 4th for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. It sees the Ghosts battling a new threat in The Wolves in the Auroa archipelago with new survival mechanics, classes and much more to look forward to.


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