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Frostpunk Brings Despair to Consoles on October 11th


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Tasmania, Australia

The PS4 and Xbox One versions will contain all updates released till now for PC.

11 bit Studios city-builder/survival title Frostpunk is coming to Xbox One and PS4 on October 11th. Originally released for PC in April 2018, the title tasks players with creating a society in a frozen world, making tough decisions to survive against mounting hazards. Check out the announcement trailer below.

The console versions will have revised controls, which should help in the absence of a mouse and keyboard. Along with the base game, Frostpunk: Console Edition will include all the free updates released till date for PC. Endless Mode, The Fall of Winterhome scenario and Survivor Mode have made it in, allowing for more customizable experience.

Frostpunk has done fairly well for the developer, selling 1.4 million units in its first year. The developer is currently working on its next project, which will likely release in 2021. Stay tuned for more details in the future (and expect it to be less grim than the studio’s past efforts).


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