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Frostpunk’s People and Automatons Update Now Available


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Tasmania, Australia

Rename your citizens and automations to more easily search for their current status.

At launch, 11 bit Studios’ Frostpunk successfully took its despair-filled story-telling and successfully applied it to a post-apocalyptic survival/city-builder. While it missed a few features (like the upcoming Endless mode), it has brought numerous other free updates. The latest is People and Automatons, currently live on Steam and offering the ability name characters and automatons.

The benefit of this is being able to successfully search for different individuals as opposed to scrolling through lists manually. New visuals have also been implemented for elements like Gathering Posts, Hunter Airships, Hunters’ Huts, Workshops and more. The update also includes a number of different bug fixes and optimizations. Check out the full patch notes below.

Frostpunk’s roadmap has also been updated (see below) to indicate other updates that would be coming next. Endurance mode, a new scenario called The Builders and the Winter Snapshots update are still to come this year. 11 bit Studios also promised “even more stuff” planned for 2019. Larger paid expansions perhaps?


Naming Characters and Automatons — You can now change the names of your people and automatons. This feature not only allows you to dive deeper into the in-game world but will also help you while managing your city because from now on, you’ll be able to search for individuals (both men and machines) using given names. And we can also imagine that some streamers and YouTubers might be happy about this one – naming citizens after their subscribers? Sounds like a perfect idea!

New Visuals — We dedicated many hours working on new visuals for certain elements of the game, including Hunter Airships, Hunters’ Huts, Gathering Posts, Outposts and Workshops. From now on your city will look better than ever before and what’s more, it will be easier to find certain facilities among all the other buildings.
Intel NUC Skull Canyon and Razer Chroma Support — it’s rather self-explanatory, really! If you own the aforementioned devices you can now use their full potential in our games. We think you’re gonna like it!

Fixes, optimization and ALL THAT STUFF — As always, we crushed a number of bugs that were bothering our players and optimized here and there, improving the overall experience for the game. For the full list of changes, be sure to check the changelog below.


New features:

  • You can now change the names of your people and automatons
  • You can now search for people and automatons by name
  • New visual variants of hunter airships
  • Diversified looks of Hunter Huts, Gathering Posts, Outposts and Workshops
  • Keyboard can now be used to navigate the main menu
  • Added Intel NUC Skull Canyon support
  • Added Razer Chroma support
Smaller changes and balancing:

  • Building grid revamped – it is now easier to fit an optimal number of buildings within an area. Also, buildings will expand to adjacent, otherwise unusable single-cell spaces, resulting in cleaner layouts.
  • Many tweaks dealing with erratic hunter behavior and people getting stuck
  • Additional UI tweaks and fixes

  • Fixed a crash after selecting a group of people approaching the city
  • Numerous optimization changes
  • Fixed required temperature tutorial
  • Fixed problems with binding multimedia keys
Additional FX fixes

Fixed issue where wrong icons appeared over buildings


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