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Fortnite: The End Has Hidden Minigame Unlocked With Infamous Konami Code


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Tasmania, Australia

Fortnite‘s newest “event” is a pretty different one. It’s seen the game basically die with the Battle Royale mode being consumed by a black hole. As of writing this, you still cannot play matches and are instead forced to look at a black screen of nothing until being forced to exit. Or so we thought. It seems there is something you can do, even if it won’t exactly scratch that Fortnite itch.

As discovered by several fans, if you put in the infamous Konami Code (UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, B/O, A/X, START/ENTER), you actually can unlock a Space Invaders-inspired little game while you wait. You can see it below via Fortnite News’ Twitter. Check it out.

If you are on the younger side, or just don’t get the reference, the Konami Code was a code originally found in the 1985 game Gradius that granted the player a full set of the game’s power-ups. Being one of the first cheat codes, it become a staple in many Konami developed games and a nerdy reference that’s popped up all over the place in gaming.

So, if you’re bored staring at the blank screen, there’s that at least. Most likely it’s counting down to the next major update for Fortnite, possibly called Chapter 2 (which leaked last week via the App Store). We’ll keep you updated.


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