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Rumour Fortnite Potentially Getting An Annual Pass – Rumor


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Tasmania, Australia

Fortnite sure is something. The pop culture phenomena keeps chugging along, and not many games can basically kill itself and then come back without missing a beat, but that’s what the game did for it’s Chapter 2 release that’s still ongoing now. The game has changed a lot in the industry, from the love affair many have with its art style to popularizing the battle royale shooter mode. The Battle Pass system has also effectively replaced the Season Pass, and that is getting a tweak here soon.

According to dataminers, it looks like Fortnite could be on the verge of offering Annual Passes. Those passes will include all Battle Bundles for all upcoming Battle Passes at a yet undetermined price point. Looks like Annual Passes will feature exclusive skins as well based on what’s been found, which you can see below.

While we file leaks and datamining under rumors, it looks like it’s pretty legitimate. Most likely this will get announced soon, so stay tuned.


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