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Fortnite Guide – How to Complete Metal Mouth and Zadie Skin Challenges


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Tasmania, Australia

Fortnite: Chapter 2 – Season 2 is currently underway but it’s still worth looking at the Metal Mouth and Zadie skins. These skins, which look like the Hunters from The Division, can be purchased from the cash shop but completing their challenges will unlock alternate styles. How do you go about unlocking them? The quickest way is to grab a friend and head into Creative Mode.

For Zadie’s skin, you need to play three games, buy ten items from Vending Machines during a match and dish out 250 Pistol damage within a match, all in Creative mode. For the first challenge, complete three Search and Destroy matches in Creative. You can then use the Creative tools to spawn in Vending Machines and buy items from those. Finally, shoot a friend with a Pistol for a total of 250 damage to unlock Zadie’s alternate styles.

Metal Mouth’s skin also requires playing three games in Creative. However, you need to arm or defuse ten Timed Devices in a match and dish out 250 damage with Assault Rifles in a match. Once again, go with Search and Destroy for completing the first challenge. For the second challenge, just drop in some bombs and arm them. Finally, shoot your friend with an Assault Rifle for a total of 250 damage and that should unlock Metal Mouth’s alternate styles.

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