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Fortnite: Chapter 2 Officially Unveiled; Features New Map, Improved Combat, and More


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It’s been an eventful few days for Epic Games’ uber-popular free-to-play battle royale shooter. A couple days ago, at the end of Season X, Fortnite essentially deleted itself, as the game’s entire map was devoured by a black hole– an event that, as you might imagine, turned out to be huge even in terms of viewership numbers.

A couple days before that, a leak suggested that Fortnite was gearing up for a complete refresh in the form of Chapter 2, and now, that’s been confirmed by Epic Games officially. Fortnite: Chapter 2 is, essentially, a full-fledged sequel.

It brings with it a completely new map with 13 new locations; a visuals overhaul; new water-focused gameplay mechanics that include motorboats, fishing, swimming, and more; more Support-centric mechanics such as being able to carry your teammates, team emotes, and firing Bandage Bazookas to heal teammates; new mechanics such as hiding un haystacks to get the drop on enemies or blowing up gas stations for a more all-out approach; and a more streamlined approach to combat.

Epic has also announced a new Battle Pass for Chapter 2 – Season 1. Chapter 2, in fact, is promising a progression system that is less about the grind, and offers up rewards based on a new XP system and medals earned in matches for activities such as opening chests, eliminating enemies, completing challenges, and more.

Get more details on the Battle Pass for Chapter 2 – Season 1 through here.


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