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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Guide – How to Earn Gil and All Weapon Locations

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Throughout the game, you’ll need gil for a number of different purposes. Whether it’s purchasing items, weapons or Materia, you can never have enough. Some of the best ways to earn gil include completing different side quests and using the Steal Materia on enemies.

When tackling the post-game and other challenges, make sure to equip the Gil Up Materia to increase gil obtained from combat by 100 percent. You get this Materia from completing the Two-Person Team vs. High Flyers challenge in the Shinra VR Combat Simulator.

All Weapons and How to Get Them

While Final Fantasy 7 Remake may not have oodles of weapons to unlock, each one will be useful in your journey. Upgrading a weapon will unlock different abilities and stat increases. Mastering its proficieny will make those abilities available even if the weapon isn’t equipped. Here are the different weapons each character can have and how to get them.

Cloud Strife:

  • Buster Sword (22 Attack, 22 Magic) – Available from the start. Its ability, Focused Thrust, allows for piercing through an enemy several times and increasing stagger. Good for increased attack and magic attack along with increased strong attack damage in Punisher Mode.
  • Iron Blade (23 Attack, 31 Magic) – Compete the Scrap Boulevard quest and visit the weapons shop to receive this for free. Its ability, Triple Slash, will slash three different enemies quickly with each slice dealing more damage. Good for defense and physical damage reduction while guarding along with increased counter damage in Punisher Mode. Its proficiency bonus involves striking three or more enemies at a time.
  • Nail Bat (30 Attack, 30 Magic) – Complete the “Kids on Patrol” side quest in Chapter 8 to get this as a reward. Its ability, Disorder, allows for delivering a “devastating attack” and then switching modes. To master its proficiency quicker, make sure to hit enemies with an attack or strong attack after switching modes. Good for increased Health and Luck along with increasing to Critical Hit Rate and Critical Hit Damage.
  • Hardedge (57 Attack, 19 Magic) – Can be purchased from the weapon shop in Wall Market. Its ability is Infinity’s End which delivers a devastating overhead strike – damage on stagger is increased but it costs 2 ATB bars to use. The proficiency bonus is striking a staggered enemy.
  • Mythril Saber (24 Attack, 72 Magic) – Can be purchased from the weapon shop in Wall Market (Chapter 14). Its key ability is Blade Burst which will fire a “wave of non-elemental mako energy” when slashing with the sword. To master its proficiency quicker, you must finish off enemies.
  • Twin Stinger (46 Attack, 46 Magic) – Found in Shinra Tower in a drum following the scene with Barret. Its main ability is Counterstance, which allows for anticipating attacks and counterattacking. To master its proficiency, you must use counterattacks (switch to Punisher Mode and block melee attacks).
Barret Wallace:

  • Gatling Gun (19 Attack, 19 Magic) – Available from the beginning. Its key ability is Focused Shot which uses all ATB bars and fires a massive shot that increases stagger. One must stagger enemies to master its proficiency. Good for added health and gaining another Materia slot.
  • Light Machine Gun (22 Attack, 33 Magic) – Earned after finishing Chapter 6, its main ability is Lifesaver which will redirect damage for other party members to Barret. Mastered by restoring a party member’s health. Good for added defense, max HP and an additional Materia slot.
  • Big Bertha (45 Attack, 30 Magic) – Purchased in the Sector 6 slums, its main ability is Maximum Fury which uses all ATB bars to fire lots of bullets at a foe. Its proficiency bonus can be earned by finishing off enemies.
  • Steel Pincers (53 Attack, 39 Magic) – Can be purchased in the Moogle Emporium in Chapter 14 with Moogle Medals. Its main ability is Charging Uppercut which launches enemies and fires at them, increasing charge in the process. Mastering the weapon’s proficiency involves topping off one’s energy reserve.
  • Wrecking Ball (65 Attack, 17 Magic) – Earned as a reward from the “Subterranean Menace” side quest. Its main ability is Smackdown which sends a shockwave into the ground and pushes enemies away. To master the proficiency quickly, you must hit three or more enemies at once.
  • EKG Cannon (34 Attack, 65 Magic) – After meeting Domino in Shinra Tower, pay 10,000 gil to Hart. You’ll receive this weapon, whose main ability is Point Blank which consumes all ATB bars to push enemies away with an up-close blast. Its proficiency bonus involves finishing off enemies.
Tifa Lockhart:

  • Leather Gloves (32 Attack, 22 Magic) – Equipped by default. Possesses the Divekick ability which allows Tifa to jump up and attack an enemy with a kick. Proficiency bonus involves finishing off enemies. Good for additional health, speed and max MP.
  • Metal Knuckles (54 Attack, 12 Magic) – Received from Crab Warden in Chapter 5. Grants Overpower which allows for “more effectively” pressuring enemies while using normal attacks. Proficiency bonus involves using the ability first and then a basic combo.
  • Sonic Strikers (32 Attack, 21 Magic) – Received from a chest in Mako Reactor 5 on level B5. Grants increased attack power, speed and max MP. Its ability is Focused Strike which uses a charging attack after evading that can increase stagger. Master proficiency by staggering enemies.
  • Feathered Gloves (50 Attack, 33 Magic) – Found in the first gate’s room in Chapter 10’s Sewer System. Grants Starshower which hits enemies with a number of attacks and increases the next command’s strength. Master its proficiency by using any attack-based ability or spell after using Starshower.
  • Mythril Claws (28 Attack, 55 Magic) – Obtained from Failed Experiment in Chapter 13. Its ability is Chi Trap which creates an orb that damages enemies. Strike foes to master its proficiency.
  • Purple Pain (51 Attack, 41 Magic) – Found in Shinra Tower’s lobby in Chapter 16. Grants True Strike which hits enemies at close range and increases the damage bonus from staggering. Proficiency bonus involves hitting staggered enemies.
Aerith Gainsborough:

  • Guard Stick (29 Attack, 43 Magic) – Equipped by default. Good for its max HP, magic attack power and magic defense. Its core ability is Arcane Ward which conjures a ward that will cause attack spells within it to be used twice. Master its proficiency by conjuring a ward.
  • Silver Staff (27 Attack, 50 Magic) – Acquired from the Moogle Emporium by spending Moogle Medals. Increases map HP, magic attack power and max MP while granting a new Materia slot. Grants the ability Sorcerous Storm which deals magic damage to adjacent enemies. Master proficiency by hitting three or more enemies at once.
  • Arcane Scepter (24 Attack, 36 Magic) – Earned from completing the quest “A Dynamite Body”. Its main ability is Fleeting Familiar which summons a fairy to attack enemies (which also appears after using abilities/magic). Master its proficiency by unleashing consecutive abilities/spells.
  • Mythril Rod (24 Attack, 92 Magic) – Found in the Train Graveyard in Chapter 11. Grants Ray of Judgment which uses 2 ATB bars to unleash an energy blast which provides a bonus to stagger damage.
  • Bladed Staff (39 Attack, 34 Magic) – Must be stolen from Eligor in Chapter 11. Grants the ability Lustrous Shield which conjures a shield to halt projectiles and keep enemies at a distance. Strike an enemy during its activation to master its proficiency.
  • Reinforced Staff (50 Attack, 82 Magic) – Found at the start of Chapter 17 by opening a chest. Grants the ability ATB Ward which conjures a magical ward – this provides partial ATB gain to allies who the ATB while inside. Uses two ATB bars and its proficiency is mastered by conjuring a ward.


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