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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Guide – All Limit Breaks and How to Complete Battle Intel Report 17

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Limit Breaks can be extremely powerful and help out in extremely difficult situations. Each character starts with a Limit Break by default but there are others to unlock. After beating the Corneo Colosseum as part of the main story, it’s possible to return and take on other challenges, usually pitting one character against several foes. The rewards for these challenges are Limit Breaks.

How do you obtain each Limit Break and what do they do? Let’s start with Cloud and Aerith. Cloud has the Cross Slash Limited Break and can deal some pretty hefty damage. It’s also good for staggering enemies. To unlock the Ascension Limit Break, which greatly increases Stagger and allows for hitting one enemy multiple times, you need to finish the Corneo Colosseum in Chapter 9. Head back there for Cloud’s dedicated challenge, complete it and you’ll receive Ascension as a reward.

Aerith is all about supporting the rest of the party. She starts with the Healing Winds Limit Break, which is good for healing all party members. Her second Limit Break is Planet’s Protection, which will nullify physical damage to the party. Like Cloud, you need to return to the Corneo Colosseum after the main story quest in Chapter 9, partake in her dedicated challenge and Planet’s Protection is yours upon completion.

Tifa is very good at inflicting Stagger on foes along with dishing out some good damage. She starts off with the Somersault Limit Break, which can launch foes into the air (just make sure you’re within range of attacking). For Tifa’s second Limit Break, Dolphin Flurry, you need to head to the Corneo Colosseum in Chapter 14 and complete her challenge. Dolphin Flurry sees Tifa using a number of attacks against an enemy which greatly increases Stagger. It’s also possible to target several enemies at once as long as they’re all in front of you.

Finally, there’s Barret who lives and dies by his ranged capabilities. He starts with Fire in the Hole which shoots a giant ball of energy that can hit multiple foes at once. Like Tifa, his second Limit Break – Catastrophe – is unlocked in Chapter 14 at the Corneo Colosseum. Take on his dedicated challenge and beat it to unlock the Limit Break. Catastrophe will fire a giant energy beam at foes which greatly increases Stagger.

Only one Limit Break can be equipped at a time for each character. To change Limit Breaks, head into the Battle Settings.

How to Complete Battle Intel Report 17

Completing different Battle Report Intel isn’t tough when it comes to different Materia. However, Battle Report Intel 17 will take some time since it requires obtaining 16 different weapon abilities. This can only be done by mastering a weapon’s Proficiency, with each having different requirements or using their signature abilities in different ways. As a reward for completing the intel, you’ll receive the Skill Master Materia.

While we’ve briefly covered the various ways to master Proficiency for each weapon here, it’s definitely worth going into more detail here. Keep in mind that you don’t need to master all Weapon Proficiencies – just 16. Here’s how to get to it.

Cloud Strife

  • Buster Sword – Simply use the Focused Thrust ability on an enemy.
  • Iron Blade – You must use the Triple Slash ability and hit three or more foes with it. This is fairly easy to complete in encounters with multiple enemies.
  • Nail Bat – First, make sure you’re in Operator Mode during a battle. Cast Disorder to automatically switch to Punisher Mode and then hit an enemy. Swap back to Operator Mode afterwards.
  • Hard Edge – Fill the ATB gauge and inflict Stagger on a foe. Once the enemy is staggered, use Infinity’s Edge. You’ll need to find enemies with larger HP pools for this process to effectively work.
  • Mythril Saber – Weaken foes until they have a sliver of health left. Then use Blade Burst to kill them.
  • Twin Stinger – Simply use Counterstance and execute successful counterattacks to master this Proficiency. Well worth getting since Counterstance will trigger counterattacks even when hit by magic and elemental attacks.
Barret Wallace

  • Gatling Gun – Stagger an enemy with the Focused Shot ability. To make it more effective, make sure the ATB gauge is full before using the ability – this deals more damage.
  • Light Machine Gun – Place your allies in situations where they’ll take damage. Before the damage comes in, switch to Barret and cast the Lifesaver ability. To effectively farm Proficiency, make sure you’re fighting opponents with larger HP pools.
  • Steel Pincers – The Proficiency for this can be a little tough. Basically, wait until you have a full ATB gauge and then use the Charging Uppercut ability. When it lands, you’ll get one ATB bar back and refill the gauge. Keep doing this to master the weapon.
  • Wrecking Ball – Hit three or more enemies with the signature ability, which is easy since it’s an area of effect attack. Just make sure you’re in the middle of a group of enemies to pull this off.
  • EKG Cannon – Get kills with the Point Blank ability. To ensure you get the killing blow, wait until you have a full ATB gauge and then use the ability for more damage. Weakening foes beforehand also helps.
Tifa Lockhart

  • Leather Gloves – Kill enemies with the Divekick ability. Simply get them weak and finish them off with Divekick. Best used on weaker foes.
  • Metal Knuckles – First use Overpower and then use normal attacks. Make sure you’re not using Whirling Uppercut during this (which is activated by pressing Triangle).
  • Sonic Strikers – Stagger an enemy with the weapon’s signature ability. It has to be the blow that ultimately causes the Stagger. Save it for when the tougher foes are just on the brink of being staggered.
  • Feathered Gloves – When the ATB gauge is full, use Starshower and then an ability or spell to cause additional damage. Repeat this process to master the weapon.
  • Mythril Claws – Hit an enemy with Chi Trap. Nothing more, nothing less.
  • Purple Pain – When an enemy is staggered, use the True Strike ability.
Aerith Gainsborough

  • Guard Stick – Cast Arcane Ward first and then have an ally use magic within it. Proficiency is only earned per Arcade Ward used, not per spells used within it.
  • Silver Staff – Hit three enemies at once with Sorcerous Storm. Though this can be done in the middle of a group of enemies, exercise caution since Aerith is squishier than other party members.
  • Arcane Scepter – First, use the Fleeting Familiar ability. Then use a spell or ability, which will case the familiar to attack right after. Keep summoning familiars to earn more Proficiency.
  • Mythril Rod Proficiency – When an enemy is staggered, cast Ray of Judgment on them.
  • Bladed Staff – Hit an enemy with Lustrous Shield, though it also works if said enemy makes contact with it.
  • Reinforced Staff – Cast ATB Ward and then have an ally stand inside to cast either an ability or spell. Once again, Proficiency is gained based on each ATB Ward activation.


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