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Final Fantasy 7, 9, 10, 10-2, and 12: The Zodiac Age Announced for Nintendo Switch and Xbox One


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In 1996, Square decided to jump ship from a cartridge based Nintendo console to the CD based PlayStation for their upcoming Final Fantasy 7, changing the trajectory of PlayStation, Nintendo, and the series itself dramatically. Now, more than 20 years later, in what has to be the ultimate symbolic victory, Final Fantasy 7 is returning to Nintendo, on their newest cartridge based console—Square announced today that Final Fantasy 7 is coming to Nintendo Switch during the Nintendo Direct stream.

That’s not the only Final Fantasy game making the jump, either—Final Fantasy 9, 10 HD, 10-2 HD, and 12: The Zodiac Age are all making the jump to the Nintendo Switch. This marks their very first appearance ever on a Nintendo system (until now, no Final Fantasy game beyond 6 has been on Nintendo hardware). All of these games will also be coming to Xbox One, Square announced, breaking their two decade long PlayStation exclusivity at last.

That’s not all—15 Pocket Edition is out now on Switch, for an introductory price, Crystal Chronicles Remastered was shown off some more on the Switch, and World of Final Fantasy was confirmed to be coming over to the Switch as well. Additionally, Chocobo Mystery Dungeon is also coming to Switch. Square is going all in with Final Fantasy on Switch, it looks like.

All these games will be available in 2019.


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