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Dragon Quest Treasures Overview Trailer Showcases Combat, Fortes, Treasure Selling, and More


Learn more about the various mechanics of Square Enix's new Dragon Quest title, which launches on December 9th for Nintendo Switch.​

With all of the major releases that Square Enix is releasing in the coming months, it’s easy to forget about TOSE’s Dragon Quest Treasures. Featuring Mia and Erik from Dragon Quest 11: Echoes of an Elusive Age, the story sees them whisked away to Draconia, the mysterious land of treasures. A new overview trailer is available to showcase what fans can expect.

Draconia consists of several different regions, each with unique treasures to discover. Of course, there are several threats, so the siblings must befriend different monsters to stand a chance. Along with assisting in combat, the monsters can also use Fortes to help traverse the world, from executing high jumps to flying over chasms.

They can also use the Fortune Finder ability to narrow down the treasure’s location. Upon returning to base, the player can sort through different treasures, sell valuables and even discover new weapons to aid in their quest.

Dragon Quest Treasures is out on December 9th for Nintendo Switch.


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