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Dragon Quest Builders 2’s Next Update Includes Special Epilogue


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Tasmania, Australia

After many years of being absent from the west, it seems spin offs of the Japanese RPG series, Dragon Quest, have found a niche for themeselves outside their homeland. Dragon Quest Builders 2 has found some success, and now it seems the journey still has a leg or two to go, as a new epilogue will be coming soon.

As announced in a Japanese livestream (which you can see below), the game’s final update will drop later this month and will include a new bit of the story. After you have unlocked 45 builder recipes, visit Buildertopia and do all scavenger hunts on Explorer’s Shores. You will receive a letter that will unlock the final part of the story. Alongside that, the update will also include some new hairstyles, multiple save files for you to utilize and the ability to change the weather on Buildertopia (thanks to Polygon for translations).

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is available now for PlayStation 4 and Switch. The update will go live across both platforms on August 20th.


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