Dr. Mario World Launches July 10th For iOS And Android


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Well, that is pretty unexpected. While a Dr. Mario mobile game had been announced, no one was expecting it to come so soon. But today, Nintendo announced that the game, Dr. Mario World, is coming in July.

You can see the combination announcement trailer and gameplay breakdown below. It’s very much in the vein of the Dr. Mario games we’ve come to know, but adapted to mobile sensibilities with timers, stamina and gameplay walls that require items to continue and purchase in-game material, which can be gained by a mixture of playing the game and real world purchases.

It will launch with 5 worlds with more to be added later. It also includes multiple Mario characters that will be donning the doctor suit that you can purchase with Diamonds, one of the game’s several currencies. That includes Dr. Peach, Dr. Yoshi, Dr. Bowser, and more. Check it out below.

Dr. Mario World is the latest in Nintendo’s continued branching out into mobile, and it will release on both iOS and Android platforms on July 10th as a free to play title. Pre-registration is available now those that want to be notified the minute the game is up for download.


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