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DOOM Eternal Guide – All Cheat Codes and Boss Fights, and How to Get More Ammo

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With all the changes that id Software has made with DOOM Eternal, it’s much easier to run out of ammo than before. The important thing to remember is that the Chainsaw now passively recharges. Use it on smaller foes to instantly receive ammo. However, there’s another way to get ammo pickups besides just scanning the level.
Take the Praetor Suit upgrades for nullifying damage from explosive barrels. Then take the upgrades that cause ammo to drop from explosive barrels and having the barrels respawn after some time. Whenever you’re low on ammo or need a top-up between fights, shoot any barrels twice and pick up the ammo that drops.
All Cheat Codes
To unlock cheat codes in DOOM Eternal, you need to scour the levels for them. They’re often collectibles and denoted by the “?” symbols all throughout. Once you collect a cheat code, you can enable it for progression throughout the game. Even Trophies and Achievements can still be earned.
Here are all the cheat codes in the game:
  • Activate All Cheats – Activates all the cheat codes
  • Infinite Extra Lives – Unlimited extra lives
  • IDDQD – Activate Sentinel Armor for a mission
  • Instant Stagger Mode – A single dash, bullet, Flame Belch or explosion will stagger foes. Doesn’t work on unique bosses.
  • All Runes – Unlock all runes
  • IDKFA – Unlock all weapons and equipment. Weapons are instantly mastered
  • Fully Upgraded Suit – Unlock all Praetor Suit Perks
  • Powerup Mode: Onslaught – Onslaught is active throughout a mission
  • Powerup Mode: Overdrive – Overdrive is active throughout a mission
  • Powerup Mode: Berserk – Berserk active throughout a mission but only for the missions Hell on Earth, Exultia, Super Gore Nest, Mars Core and ARC Complex.
  • QuakeCon Mode – An audience will cheer you on based on your performance
  • Silver Bullet Mode – Staggered demons die in one hit.
  • Famine Mode – Enemies won’t drop health or armor
  • Party Mode – Demons die in a spray of confetti when gibbed
How to Beat All Bosses
There are a fair few boss fights and while some might be a handful, they’re fairly easy with enough practice. Check out the video below for a full walkthrough of each fight or scan for some tips below:
  • Doom Hunter – Disable its shield before attacking. Focus on disconnecting its upper body from its lower. Two more Doom Hunters will spawn after the first is killed
  • Marauder – Must be in medium range. Attack with a Super Shotgun and immediately switch to Arbalest for additional damage.
  • The Gladiator – Focus on staggering at first and keep your distance. Watch out for its melee attacks in second phase
  • Khan Maykr – Be careful of Khan Maykr’s laser from the skies – keep a good enough distance so you can see where it’s moving. Take down her shield and use the Meat Hook on the Super Shotgun to Blood Punch her. Be careful when she lights the ground on fire.
  • Icon of Sin – You have unlimited Crucible and Blood Punch pick-ups here so go wild. Target the Icon of Sin’s armor first. In the next phase, target its body parts. Use the BFG to accelerate the process. Do not shoot any part that’s already been destroyed as it will deal no damage.



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