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Tokyo Game Show Death Stranding Volume 2 Presentation Showcases Sam’s Private Room


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Kojima Productions presented more gameplay for Death Stranding at the Tokyo Game Show, this time focusing on protagonist Sam Bridges’ Private Room. It’s a place for Sam to sit down, unwind and generally take a break though you can’t control him. Check out the 30 minute presentation below courtesy of GameSpot.

Some interesting bits: When Sam is sitting, his feet will start tapping upon zooming in. The room also has a shower and mirror, the latter useful for making funny faces (which actor Norman Reedus apparently had a lot of fun with). Screenshot those expressions and see how many likes you get from other players.

The room does have some practical uses. It seems you can also charge the Breach Baby (as revealed in the video for Deadman from Gamescom) and look at items. Death Stranding is out on November 8th for PS4.

For more action, check out the 50 minute Volume 1 presentation here.


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