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Death Stranding: Official Twitter Feed Teasing Fans With Some Weird Hand Connections


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So, Kojima’s weird, right? That’s not a controversial thought. We’re not the first ones to say it, nor will we be the last. In fact, “Kojima’s weird” has to be one of the most frequently used phrases in our industry, along with things like “I want more pixels”, “Half-Life 3 confirmed”, and “This game needs better water graphics”. We say it so frequently because it’s true- Kojima keeps proving it again and again, and he’s doing it yet again.

Kojima Productions’ official Twitter account recently lit up with activity, posting a series of tweets related to the upcoming Death Stranding, called “DS Stories”, and in a few of those tweets, the people behind the game took some time to talk about… hands. By hands, I mean- well, hands. One of the tweets explains that any human’s hands are supposed to be chiral images of each other, in that they’re a mirror image of the other- same, but not exactly the same.

With this information in hand (ha ha?), a subsequent tweet poses the question- what if this chirality was taken away from us? What would we do in a world where we couldn’t shake hands? That’s a troubling thought, but I think the real question should be, what would we do in a world where we couldn’t hold controllers?

It goes without saying that none of these tweets are meaningless- anything Kojima and his team do or say rarely is. We’re sure it has some significance to the story, that it’s presenting obvious hints that our mortal minds aren’t able to comprehend. Take a look below and tell us if you’re having better luck.


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