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The list of 38 Steam Deck Verified games so far also includes the likes of Hollow Knight, Psychonauts 2, Scarlet Nexus, and several more.​

Back in October, Valve confirmed it had started the process of going through the entire library of game available on Steam and getting them ready for the Steam Deck. This would see games being given one of three tags- Verified, which are games that are fully optimized for the Steam Deck; Playable, which are games that will run on the device but not might be completely optimized; and Unsupported, which are games that don’t currently run on the handheld.

The first batch of games in those three categories has now been revealed (courtesy of SteamDB), and there are some interesting names in each list. The list of Unsupported games is a pretty short one with just 5 games, though it does have one notable name- Persona 4 Golden. The game’s own page says that Valve is still working on adding support though, so hopefully this won’t be permanent.

24 games so far have the Playable tag. The list includes the likes of The Witcher 3, Slay the Spire, Inscryption, Subnautica, Valheim, Tomb Raider, Rise of the Tomb Raider, NieR: Automata, Bravely Default 2, and more. That means that right now, these games are playable on the Steam Deck, but might still run into a few issues here and there.

Finally, there’s the first batch of Steam Deck Verified games, which lists 38 titles right now and is already looking impressive. Games that have already been fully optimized for the upcoming handheld device include the likes of Portal 2, Celeste, Hollow Knight, Dishonored, Cuphead 2, Psychonauts 2, Dark Souls 2, Dark Souls 3, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Death’s Door, Death Stranding, Mad Max, Scarlet Nexus, Aliens: Fireteam Elite, Hot Wheels Unleashed, the upcoming Total War: Warhammer 3, and many others.

You can check out the full list of the Steam Deck’s Verified, Playable, and Unsupported games so far below.

The Steam Deck is scheduled to launch in February.

FactorioPortal 2Persona 4 Golden
RimWorldThe Binding of Isaac: RebirthJob Simulator
The Witcher 3: Wild HuntCelestetheBlu
Slay the SpireHollow KnightArizona Sunshine
Dyson Sphere ProgramDishonoredBudget Cuts
Cookie ClickerRisk of Rain 2
Plants vs. Zombies GOTY EditionCastle Crashers
SubnauticaPsychonauts 2
Tomb RaiderWebbed
ValheimSekiro: Shadows Die Twice – GOTY Edition
Crypt of the NecroDancerNoita
Rise of the Tomb RaiderDark Souls 3
Farming Simulator 19Gunfire Reborn
Cats in TimeMark of the Ninja: Remastered
Stormworks: Build and RescueTetris Effect: Connected
NieR: AutomataTotal War: Warhammer 3
Black SkylandsDeath’s Door
Bravely Default 2Manifold Garden
War ThunderInto the Breach
Tribes of MidgardDeath Stranding
Season of Mystery: The Cherry Blossom MurdersThe Messenger
Swords of Legends OnlineApe Out
Among TreesRecord of Lodoss War – Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth
Mad Max
Final Fantasy
Guacamelee! 2
Rogue Legacy 2
Super Mega Baseball 3
Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin
Circruit Superstars
Scarlet Nexus
Remnant: From the Ashes
Aliens: Fireteam Elite
Hot Wheels Unleashed

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