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Darksiders Genesis Celebrates Console Release With Launch Trailer


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Tasmania, Australia

In December, THQ Nordic expanded the Darksiders series into new directions, with the Airship Syndicate-developed top-down hack and slash RPG Darksiders Genesis. And though it was a much different experience than what the series usually offers, it was still a decent enough game, especially thanks to its co-op.

Though it originally launched only for PC and Stadia, Darksiders Genesis is launching soon – tomorrow, February 14 – for consoles as well. And to commemorate its release on the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, publishers THQ Nordic have released a new console launch trailer for the game. Take a look below.

In our review of Darksiders Genesis, we called it “a strong prequel buoyed by fantastic co-op and a fun new character in Strife”, praising its puzzles and platforming, the combat, and the environments, but finding issues with the camera and the solo gameplay.


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