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Control Launch Trailer Promises Bizarre, Epic Chaos


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Tasmania, Australia

Remedy Entertainment’s Control has looked more excellent and stunning with every new bit we’ve seen of it, and with its release now a week away, excitement surrounding the game is ramping up with each day. To hype up its impending launch even more, they’ve put out a launch trailer for the game.

Promising a conflict of “biblical proportions” and some of the weirdest, most bizarre stuff you will seen in a game in a while, the trailer should do a good job of acclimatizing you with what you’re going to be in for when you get your hands on the full game. The game’s evocative art design and technical polish are on full display, and we also get glimpses of its supernatural abilities-infused combat. Take a look below.

If you’re looking for some uncut gameplay footage to tide you over until next week, you can check out a recent gameplay video through . Control is out for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC (where it’ll be exclusive to the Epic Games Store) on August 27th.


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