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Civilization 6 Free On Epic Games Store Until May 28th


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Tasmania, Australia

Last week was arguably the biggest week in the weekly free giveaway from the Epic Games Store. They gave everyone Grand Theft Auto 5: Premium Edition free of charge. It was such a rush for everyone that it pretty much killed Epic’s server for a good minute. While it’s pretty much impossible to top that, this week’s free title is no slouch.

Civilization 6 is the latest entry in the long-running and legendary strategy series. It’s now free for those who have an Epic Games Store account. It also just happens to come at the same time as the newest season pass, so even if you manage to squeeze the huge amount of content out of the base game, there’s lots to extend it.

If you recall, there was an alleged leak earlier in the week for Epic Games Store’s free giveaways, and Civilization 6 was on it. So it looks like when May 28th rolls around, the next game in rotation is most likely Borderlands: The Handsome Collection, and then ARK: Survival Evolved.

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