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Black Ops Cold War Beta Game Settings Update October 16 Brings Double XP, Weapon 2XP


For those playing the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War beta, Treyarch has rolled out the Black Ops Cold War beta game settings update October 16 server-side patch! There’s no need to download anything, as you’ll automatically apply the update once you connect to the servers.

Black Ops Cold War Beta Game Settings Update October 16 Patch Notes:​

There’s no actual gameplay-related changes rolled out, but it does roll out double XP, and double weapon XP! Here’s Treyarch’s announcement:

For those just starting the beta, you can check out the schedule, game modes and more right here.


We’ll be posting our beta impressions soon as well, so watch out for that. For Xbox One and PC, don’t forget that for the next two days starting tomorrow, the beta will be open even if you don’t have a code.

Here are the other details straight from Treyarch!

• Ruka
• Alpine

• Fireteam: Dirty Bomb
• Hardpoint

LEVEL CAP: 25 → 31
Gameplay updates for Beta Weekend 2:
• Sliding changes
• Weapon tuning
• Duster Stock, Field Mic, Frag Grenade, and Agency Suppressor tweaks
• Cross-progression enabled
+ more

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