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Rumour Battlefield 6 Maps Will Feature Day/Night Cycles, Dynamic Weather


Leaks have pegged the next Battlefield game as getting a reveal in May, and the people working on the game themselves have confirmed that the shooter will be unveiled soon, but ahead of that, more new details on it have potentially leaked.

Known insider Tom Henderson, who’s been leaking information on Battlefield 6 (or whatever it ends up being called) for a while now, recently uploaded a video (summarized on Reddit) in which he talked about the game and its reveal trailer, which he has allegedly seen. Henderson says that among the many things the trailer reveals, one of them is day/night cycles for the game’s maps. On top of that, the maps will also have dynamic weather mechanics.

EA and DICE have said on multiple occasions that Battlefield 6’s multiplayer is going to be much more large scale than past entries in the series, and those two elements would definitely fit that description. Of course, there’s no surety about how accurate this information is (even though Henderson has been a reliable leaker in the past).

Either way, with the game’s reveal trailer not far away now, we’ll find out soon enough. It’s also been rumoured that Battlefield 6 is going to drop its rumoured PS4 and Xbox One versions– that’s probably something that we’ll have more clarity on soon enough as well.


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