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Back 4 Blood’s Latest Update Fixes Spawn Rate For Special Zombies


A new hotfix for Back 4 Blood has decreased the spawn rates for the special zombies across all difficulties, and made a few other changes.​

A recent hotfix for Turtle Rock Studios’ latest Back 4 Blood has decreased the spawn rates for special zombies. The developer has issued the hotfix as a direct response to the game’s insistence on bombarding special infected repeatedly across all difficulties.

The update has decreased the spawn rates across all difficulties, and also adjusted supply point earning rates. There’s also adjustments made to the Swarm mode, with damage reductions to bruisers, while a subtle increase in damage to the Tall Boy has also been applied. Hopefully, this makes the PvP mode a bit more balanced.

Apart from criticisms aimed at the game’s difficulty and issues with how it handles solo play, Back 4 Blood has generally received plenty of praise across the board. GamingBolt gave the game an 8/10, saying “Back 4 Blood wastes no time trying to divert your attention from its obvious influences, but it doesn’t need to when it nearly lives up to the expectations its spiritual predecessors set so high.”

Players and critics have dubbed the game a true successor to Valve’s Left 4 Dead series, and fans generally seem to having a blast playing the game.

Patch Notes:


  • Campaign – this is an attempt to address some of the concerns regarding the challenges presented by some difficulties.
    • Roaming Special Spawn rate decreased on all difficulties
    • Adjusted Supply Point earning rates for Blue Dog Hollow: The Sound of Thunder to better account for level repeats
  • Swarm – adjustments made in response to what we’ve observed with Swarm matches.
    • Bruisers max health reduced to 800 from 850
    • Bruisers damage reduced to 15 from 20
    • Bruiser Burst delay to 3 from 2.65
    • Bruiser Weakspot multiplier increased to 1.65 from 1.5
    • Tallboy damage increased to 20 from 15
    • Hocker Projectile speed to 2500 from 3000
    • Hocker Projectile cooldown to 7 from 6
    • Stinger Projectile spread reduced to 20 from 30
    • Stinger Projectile speed increased to 5500 from 5000

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