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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – Title Update 1.5.1 Adds Mastery Challenge Pack 2 and Ostara Festival


New challenges and a new boss fight along with brand-new weapons and a Valkyrie Armor set are available to earn for free.​

Title update 1.5.1 is now live for Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, varying in size from 1.41 GB on PS4 to 12.33 GB on PC. It adds some new content via Mastery Challenge Pack 2 which provides three new shrines and a boss fight to test players’ capabilities. New rewards include a Valkyrie Armor set, tattoo set, cosmetics for the settlement and new weapons.

To access Mastery Challenge Pack 2, one must be 221 Power and have completed Mastery Challenge Pack 1’s narrative quest. You also need to have reported on Grantebridgescire and Ledecestrescire for the main quest “Uninvited Guests.” The Ostara Festival also makes a return with this update and will be available from April 21st to May 12th.

Along with new weapons from Norvid’s Shop, players can also earn 50 Opals for free through Ubisoft Connect. Accessing the festival simply requires having a level 2 settlement and completing the narrative arc for either Grantebridgescire or Ledecestrescire.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – Title Update 1.5.1


Mastery Challenge Pack 2

Added Mastery Challenge Pack 2 (Mastery Challenge: The Reckoning) to the game.

  • Mastery Challenge offers the ultimate test of skill for combat, range, and stealth.
  • Pack 2 introduces 3 new shrines and culminates in a boss fight which tests your abilities in each aspect of combat.
  • Unlock unique rewards, including the Valkyrie Armor set, all-new weapons, a tattoo set, and new settlement cosmetics.
  • Access requirements: To access Mastery Challenge Pack 2, players must be at least Power Level 221, have completed the Uninvited Guests main quest after reporting on Grantebridgescire and Ledecestrescire, and have completed the narrative quest from Mastery Challenge Pack 1.
Ostara Festival

Added in-game support for the Ostara Festival to the game.

  • Available from April 21 through May 12.
  • Complete various activities to earn all-new weapons, available only during the festival.
  • Rewards include all-new weapons at Norvid’s shop and 50 free Opals via Ubisoft Connect.
  • Access requirements: Players must reach England and complete one of the first two narrative arcs (Grantebridgescire or Ledecestrescire) and have a settlement at Level 2 to participate in the Ostara Festival.




  • Runes equipped on Gear disappeared after TU – We reached into the depths of Helheim to bring them back!
  • Unable to upgrade Legendary and other gear to Divine.
  • No silver required to downgrade Divine quality gear.
  • Failed to save game progress pop-up appears when any kind of save is made on Xbox consoles.
  • Losing player boost after using the Exit the Simulation option.
  • Losing player boost gear/weapon loadout upon Waking Up and reaching England.
  • Improved the activation of Powers to avoid accidentally consuming both Hugr bars.
  • Save/Load issues while collecting runes.
  • Save/Load issues while in shelters.


  • Added perks to certain weapons.
  • Unbalanced power level scaling during certain boss fights.
  • Surtr’s power level not scaling with player difficulty.
  • Improved hitbox and balancing during certain boss fights.
  • Missing hitbox on certain attacks when wielding two Atgeir weapons.
  • Dual wielding two Atgeir weapons deals too little damage.
  • Jomsviking not using any of the Atgeir type weapons during raids.
  • Allies and enemies both gaining the electric shield buff during raids.
  • Unable to use the left hand’s special attack on some weapons. – Run AnimusAmbidexterity.exe
  • Unable to harm some enemies in Svartalfheim as they’re recognized as friendly. Not your buddy, friend.

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