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Apple TV And iOS Will Support PS4 And Xbox One Controllers With Upcoming OS Updates


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Tasmania, Australia

Mobile gaming has always been a different beast than console gaming, largely because of its control method. That, in and of itself, probably isn’t going to change much but more options for console players to adjust to mobile games are happening with support for both Xbox One and PS4 Dualshock controllers soon to be supported on Apple devices.

We already know that Apple is planning to move more into gaming with their Apple Arcade, and now it seems they are adding in traditional controller support, too. As announced at WWDC 2019, both the new tvOS and iOS 13 will see support, meaning that you can potentially use either your Xbox One or PS4 controller on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV (thanks to The Verge for transcribing the event).

Right now there’s no official date for the updates, just that Apple is aiming for fall of this year. The Steam Link app was also recently added to iOS, so it’s entirely possible that you could use this in tandem at some point in time, though nothing is confirmed.

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