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Apple Announces Apple Arcade, A Non-Streaming Subscription For iOS Games


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Google isn’t the only big company looking to make an entry into video games. Apple is working on offering a gaming subscription service too, right in line with rumors—although this one wouldn’t be based on game streaming, and would let you download games, much like Game Pass currently does.

The service, which Apple announced at their services focused keynote today, will be offered for iOS users, and allow iOS users access to iOS games every month. Games will, obviously, include paid titles such as Minecraft or Civilization 6, not free-to-play games. Developers would get paid based on how much time users spent playing their games, which actually spells trouble for shorter games.

There will be no ads, no further purchases, your progress will be kept synced across multiple devices, and you will be able to play offline (since the service isn’t a streaming service). 100 games will be offered at first.

Apple announces the service will be out in Fall 2019. No pricing announcement was made just yet, though we did get a cool new video starring no other than Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of Final Fantasy. You can see it below.

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