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Apex Legends – Season 10: Emergence Gameplay Trailer Sees World’s Edge in Ruins


The new trailer also showcases the new Rampage LMG, new cosmetics in the battle pass and some abilities for the new Legend, Seer.​

Respawn Entertainment debuted its official gameplay trailer for Apex Legends’ Season 10: Emergence. New Legend Seer is briefly seen in action, tracing the footsteps of his foes while using his mini-drones for other tasks. But perhaps the biggest highlight is World’s Edge, which is in complete ruin.

Lava has overrun the map while various destroyed structures abound. This isn’t the first time that Respawn has outright destroyed a map (see King’s Canyon in Season 8) but it does present several new gameplay possibilities. The new LMG, Rampage, is also showcased, outputting tons of destruction in a single magazine.

Ranked Arenas will also be added in Season 10, allowing teams of three to climb the ranks and reach Apex Predator status. A new battle pass – which offers skins for Valkyrie, Rampage and Horizon along with other cosmetic rewards – will also be available. The new season launches on August 3rd for all platforms so stay tuned for more details, along with a dedicated character trailer for Seer, in the coming week.


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