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Apex Legends – Grand Soiree Arcade Event Starts January 14th


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Tasmania, Australia

Respawn Entertainment’s free to play Apex Legends has a new event lined up. Starting on January 14th, players can participate in the Grand Soiree Arcade and experience new limited time game modes. New Art Deco-style cosmetics will also be available in the event shop to purchase.

The big appeal of the event are the limited time modes. Every two days, there will be a new mode like Dummies Big Day which seemingly replaces all the character models with test dummies. “Live. Die. Live” sees players respawning on surviving teammates when the ring closes. There’s even Third-Person Mode which changes the perspective to third person for an “out of body experience”.

The rewards track is a bit different this time as players complete challenges to earn points and unlock prizes. Three challenges will be available in each limited time mode for 1000 points total and there will be a Bonus Scoring Weekend for even more challenges to earn 500 points. This starts on January 17th and ends on January 20th.

Six new Legendary skins will be available to craft or earn from Apex Packs but you can also pick up the Art Deco cosmetics for $5 from the store (which will regularly rotate). The event ends on January 28th.


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