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Anthem Guide: Lookout Locations, Best Weapons And How To Craft Masterwork/Epic Level Weapons


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In this guide we are going to take a look at how you can craft Masterwork/Epic level weapons and gear in Anthem along with the locations for Lookout points and a list of the best weapons in the game. Let’s get started.

How to Craft Masterwork and Epic Level Weapons?

Previously we have written about how you can farm Legendary and Masterwork gear along with how you can craft better weapons. In this section we are going to extend our previous coverage, and talk about how you can craft Masterwork and Epic Level weapons.

  • Find the location of the weapon (whic will be random).
  • In your playthrough, you will come across chests that may include weapons. This will create a Challenge.
  • Complete the Challenge to procure the Blueprint and then craft the Masterwork and Epic level weapons at the Forge.
  • The required ingredients are mostly Masterwork Embers that can be procured through loot, completing challenges and in treasure chests.
On a side note, in order to craft Masterwork gear, the steps remain the same. However, there are some differences. Gear Challenges require a set number of World Missions to be completed at Grand Master 2 or 3 difficulty. These missions could be Stronghold, Expeditions and others.

All 10 Lookout Locations:

There are 10 lookout locations. These can be found in the following places:

  • Lookout 1 – Eastern Reach
  • Lookout 2 – Ruins of Shadowmark
  • Lookout 3 – High Road
  • Lookout 4 – Valley of Tarsis
  • Lookout 5 – Emerald Abyss
  • Lookout 6 – Monument Watch
  • Lookout 7 – East Gate
  • Lookout 8 – Academy Ruins
  • Lookout 9 – Fortress of Dawn
  • Lookout 10 – Great Falls Canyon
The Best Weapons In Anthem:

The best weapons in Anthem are the legendary and masterwork weapons. Let’s take a look at them.

  • Fist of Stral Derived From Cloudburstseconds.
  • Cycle of Pain Derived From Sledgehammer
  • Ralner’s Blaze Derived From Hammerhead
  • The Last Stand Derived From Mauler
  • Truth of Tarsis Derived From Devastator
  • Renewed Courage Derived From Havoc
  • Elemental Rage Derived From Defender
  • Gawin’s Vengeance Derived From Grenade Launcher
  • Close Encounter Derived From Barrage
  • Siege Breaker Derived From Whirlwind
  • Divine Vengeance Derived From Warden
  • Thunderbolt of Yvenia Derived From Scout
  • Sentinel’s Vengeance Derived From Aftershock
  • Insult and Injury Derived From Bombardier
  • Vassa’s Surprise Derived From Hailstorm
  • Artinia’s Gambit Derived From Relentless
  • Avenging Herald Derived From Blastback
  • Glorious Results Derived From Resolution
  • Endless Siege Derived From Torrent
  • Papa Pump Derived From Scattershot
  • Rolling Carnage Derived From Vengeance
  • Radiant Fortress Derived From Constrictor
  • Light of The Legion Derived From Marksman Rifle
  • Unending Battle Derived From Fulcrum
  • Wyvern Blitz Derived From Deadeye
  • Balm of Gavinicus Derived From Lurker
  • Death from Above Derived From Guardian
  • Soothing Touch Derived From Anvil
  • Retaliation of Garretus Derived From Trajector
  • Pyrrhic Victory Derived From Assault Rifle

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