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Among Us is Now Available for Nintendo Switch

Not feeling Gnosia, the anime visual novel take on Among Us that was announced for Switch on today’s Indie World Showcase? Well, don’t worry because the original is now available for the platform. You can now officially distrust your friends (or slaughter them mercilessly) with Innersloth’s smash hit on Switch for just $5.

Despite launching 2018 for iOS, Android and Steam, Among Us sky-rocketed to popularity this year. The premise sees four to ten crewmates working together to complete tasks. However, there are Imposters embedded within who sabotage and kill the crewmates to attain victory. Finding out who they are is key to victory.

Among Us on Switch can be played either locally over Wi-Fi or online and supports cross-platform play. It’s a good time for Switch players to hop on the hype train especially with a new map, Airship, coming in early 2021. Along with new tasks, it also features elevators, ladders and other interesting mechanics for both crewmates and Impostors.


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