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A Total War Saga: Troy Highlights Trade In New Trailer


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Tasmania, Australia

This year will see a new entry in the beloved RTS series by Sega and Creative Assembly, A Total War Saga: Troy. The game will take you to ancient Greece, in one of the most timeless tales of a war and city that may have never existed. We’ve seen highlights of how battle will go in this new title, and now it’s time for something else: trade.

As you’d expect from something like this, trade is also an essential tool in your long term plans. Of course, you can trade all manner of resources like food, wood, stone, etc., but in Troy you will actually be able to trade entire regions. As you’d imagine, this won’t be as simple as trading for some bronze, and will require you to be intimidating enough to essentially make your trading partner think they have no choice. If you can pull it off though, you can reshape the battle in significant ways. You can see the full breakdown of it in the video below.

A Total Way Saga: Troy will be available on August 13th for PC via The Epic Games Store. It will actually be free for the first 24 hours of launch, so definitely keep your eye out.


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