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15 Funny Glitches In Red Dead Redemption 2 You Need To Check Out


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Tasmania, Australia

Glitches and games go hand in hand, and even more so when the games in question are of the open world variety. That’s a statement that’s applicable to all open world titles, even one as polished as Red Dead Redemption 2. A few days back, we asked our Youtube community to send in some of the glitches you’d come across while playing Rockstar’s latest wild west adventure, and in this feature, we’ve picked out fifteen of those. In case yours didn’t get picked, we apologize- but do know that all submissions at the very least made us chuckle heartily, and picking out fifteen was no easy task. So thanks for all your submissions, and now, let’s jump right in.

Do note that there might be slight spoilers ahead, so if you’re sensitive to that kind of stuff, proceed with caution.


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