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  1. Dermot

    Movie Dune Official Trailer

  2. Dermot

    Behind the Scenes of Alien Pt1 & Pt 2

    Making of classic sci-fi film Alien starring Sigourney Weaver, directed by Ridley Scott.
  3. Dermot

    The House In The Hollow Trailer

    PSINE studios have just unveiled the game trailer, story trailer, website and Steam Store Page for the first person, mystery game ‘The House In The Hollow’. Receiving the Nvidia / Epic Games Edge Award, it is currently in full production, and offers players a beautiful world to explore and an...
  4. Dermot

    TV Show Stranger Things Season 3 Official Trailer

    NETFLIX have released the first trailer for the highly anticipated new series of Stranger Things. Mike admits Eleven and his pals are "not kids anymore" as they face the return of a terrifying monster as the town of Hawkins is once again threatened by The Upside Down. Eleven (Millie Bobby...
  5. Dermot

    How to Add Your Twitch Channel to Streams Section

    Instructions on how to submit your channel. Go up to Streams on Navigation bar and click on down arrow and select Submit channel. You will then get a popup window to type in your url like below. Click Proceed... Supported streaming hosts below. Twitch Mixer Smashcast Stream.Me YouTube
  6. Dermot

    C# [C#] C# beginner Tutorial

    Beginner Based C# Tutorial
  7. M

    PM Gaming

    Hi All!! I'm Polish gamer living in Ireland. Gaming it's a hobby that I started (again) recently and due to lack of job it iswhat I'm doing most of my day :) My channel is mostly sim racing channel, but I did and will do some other gameplays in the future. I'm not posting too often as my...
  8. hitthesnake

    HittheSnake Cork Based gaming channel

    Yo anyone whom has a read of this, We recently started uploading to our channel called hit the snake, we do a whole mixture of stuff from average Gameplays to unboxing videos, and have more trick up our sleeves on the way. Planning to do some "how to"' videos and other weird random things. We...
  9. Dermot

    Graceful Explosion Machine Launch Trailer

    The trailer shows off some of the game’s various weapons, including the Blaster, Energy Sword, Sniper Beam, Missiles. The title was revealed back in February’s Nintendo Switch Nindie Showcase, and will take advantage of the system’s HD Rumble, letting players feel the power and impact of their...
  10. Dermot

    Nasa LIVE stream - Earth From Space LIVE Feed

    Live video of Earth from space - as seen from the Nasa ISS live stream aboard the International Space Station.
  11. Dermot

    FreezeME PS4 Trailer

  12. Dermot

    You can now watch HDR videos on YouTube

    This week, Sony will launch its new PlayStation 4 Pro console with support for 4K resolution and high dynamic range (HDR), following in the footsteps of Microsoft's latest Xbox One S, which also supports 4K video and HDR. Indeed, growing sales of HDR-enabled TVs is prompting more companies to...
  13. Dermot

    Watch Dogs 2 - Welcome to San Francisco

  14. Dermot

    Birdy - Skinny Love

  15. Dermot

    Ed Sheeran - Give Me Love

  16. Dermot

    Naughty Boy - La La La ft. Sam Smith



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