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xbox game pass

  1. Heaven__

    Xbox Live Yakuza 0, Kingdom Hearts 3 Coming to Xbox Game Pass for Consoles Next Week

    Xbox Game Pass subscribers take note – Kazuma Kiryu is coming next week. Microsoft has announced that Sega’s Yakuza 0 will debut on Xbox Game Game Pass for consoles on February 26th. The title has also been confirmed for Game Pass on PC but doesn’t have a release date yet. Console subscribers...
  2. Heaven__

    Xbox Live Final Fantasy 15, Wolfenstein: Youngblood Join Xbox Game Pass Tomorrow

    Microsoft has announced some interesting offerings for Xbox Game Pass on consoles this month. Starting tomorrow, Square Enix’s Final Fantasy 15 and Bethesda’s Wolfenstein: Youngblood will be playable. This is fairly huge, since the former is a massive RPG while the latter is…well, Wolfenstein...
  3. Heaven__

    A Plague Tale: Innocence, Indivisible, And Others Come To Console Game Pass Soon

    The Game Pass subscription service that Microsoft rolled out feels too good to be true at times, but apparently it’s a sustainable service we’ve been told so I guess that part of it doesn’t matter. Games have steadily come and went and now we have the next batch of games heading to the service...
  4. Heaven__

    A Plague Tale: Innocence, Gris, Children of Mortal Coming To Game Pass On PC

    Microsoft’s expansion of Xbox Game Pass to PC has been progressing rather well, and the service’s catalog of games has been growing on a steady basis- just recently having added Frostpunk and FTL: Faster Than Light. Now, three more indie hits will be coming to the service. Microsoft have...
  5. Heaven__

    FTL: Faster Than Light and Frostpunk Coming to Game Pass on PC

    Microsoft have announced which games will be coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC this month. Those subscribed to the service on PC will get access to a pretty solid duo, with Frostpunk and FTL: Faster Than Light both joining its catalog of games in January. Frostpunk is an excellent city-building...
  6. Heaven__

    Frostpunk, Tekken 7 Join Xbox Game Pass for Console in January

    Microsoft has announced some new titles for Xbox Game Pass subscribers this month. On January 9th, it’s 11 bit Studios’ Frostpunk: Console Edition and Bandai Namco’s Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet. On January 16th, vaunted fighting game Tekken 7 joins the roster. It’s a pretty solid line-up...
  7. Heaven__

    Grand Theft Auto 5 Available Now On Xbox Game Pass

    Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass has continued to grow in popularity and size on a near-constant basis, and currently boasts a large, impressive, and diverse collection of games. Now, it’s added yet another title to its ranks- and it’s a big one. Microsoft has confirmed that Rockstar’s open world...
  8. Heaven__

    Microsoft Wants To Quicken Access To Games Via Xbox Game Pass

    It’s no secret that Xbox Game Pass has become central to all of Microsoft’s most important strategies going forward, and their ecosystem across Xbox and PC that is really going to rely on the subscription service to drawn in (and keep) consumers. And while one of the ways Microsoft will do that...
  9. Heaven__

    Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Deal Gives You Twice the Subscription

    The season of giving is upon us, and what could be a better gift for Xbox gamers than the Xbox Game Pass subscription? Well, how about double what you’re used to getting with the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate! The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription is currently having a special on Amazon. For those...
  10. Heaven__

    Overcooked! 2, PES 2020, The Division, and More Coming to Xbox Game Pass This Month

    Xbox Game Pass’ already impressive catalog of games is going to become much more exciting, considering the bevy of games in line to join the service. The first of those games, which will be coming to Game Pass over the next few days, have been confirmed by Microsoft. On December 5...
  11. Heaven__

    XO19 Microsoft’s Stellar Show At X019 Paints A Rosy Picture For Xbox’s Future

    Last year’s X018 show was, in a word, dismal. It was a whole lot of announcements that amounted to just about nothing, a two hour long waste of time that was capped with the one notable announcement of a couple more high profile studio acquisitions for Microsoft. It was a bit perplexing that...
  12. Heaven__

    XO19 Xbox Game Pass at X019: Announcing Over 50 New Games, and Ultimate Holiday Offer

    Hi friends! I know we’re not ready for the holidays to be here just yet, but I have been holding this news in for so long that I can’t wait any longer to share it with you. We have so many good games, and some unbelievably amazing partnerships; my early holiday gift is to be able to finally tell...
  13. Heaven__

    Game Pass Subscribers Are Playing 40% More Games, Including Those Outside The Service

    One of the key features that Microsoft is banking on from their game division going forward is the Game Pass subscription service. It’s really one of the first major subscription services to be pushed hard by a platform holder, and it’s hard to say if it’s paying off or not for the company. But...
  14. Heaven__

    Gears 5 Is “The First Mega Hit On Game Pass,” Says Analyst

    Gears 5 recently launched to widespread acclaim (our own review was very positive as well), and that critical reception has been reflected in how the game has been performing with larger audiences. Recently, Gears 5 became the first game in over a year to topple Fortnite as the most-played game...
  15. Heaven__

    Enter the Gungeon, Shadow Warrior 2 Coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC in September

    Microsoft has revealed the latest titles coming to Xbox Game Pass this month, focusing on the PC side of things. Though it launched with roughly 100 titles, September’s entries further diversify the line-up. It kicks off with The Coalition’s Gears 5, which should currently be available for Xbox...
  16. Heaven__

    Rare Replay Now on Xbox Game Pass, Torment: Tides of Numenera and Goat Simulator Coming Soon

    Microsoft has announced four new games for its Xbox Game Pass service, two which are available right now. These are Capcom’s Resident Evil: Revelations and Rare Replay, the latter being a collection of 30 classic Rare games. You can download and play them right now if you’re currently subscribed...
  17. Heaven__

    Xbox Live Wolfenstein 2, The Surge, and Wargroove Head Impressive May Lineup For Xbox Game Pass

    We’ve had a string of months where some excellent titles have been added to the Xbox Game Pass catalog, with both March and April seeing some strong games joining its ever-growing library. May is looking similarly exciting, and offers a number of great games. Of the eight games being added, the...
  18. Heaven__

    Xbox Live Microsoft Announces Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Combo of Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass

    If you’re planning to re-up your subscription to Xbox Live, you might want to consider going for the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. It’s Microsoft’s new two-in-one Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass subscription that lets you play online, and will net you to access to over a hundred games for a single...
  19. Heaven__

    Xbox Live Xbox Game Pass – Microsoft Teases Six More Game Announcements

    Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass service has been expanding consistently since it launched in 2017. That trend continues tomorrow as the official Twitter for Xbox Game Pass is teasing six more game announcements. Your guess is as good as ours to what those can be. Keep in mind that these would likely...
  20. Heaven__

    Operencia: The Stolen Sun Out Now for Xbox One, PC

    First person dungeon crawlers have been rather hit-or-miss lately, but Zen Studios’ Operencia: The Stolen Sun is probably the exception. The RPG is available now for Xbox One (including Xbox Game Pass) and PC via the Epic Games Store and Microsoft Store. Check out the launch trailer below. What...



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