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watch dogs legion

  1. Heaven__

    Watch Dogs: Legion – Bloodline Trailer Outlines Aiden, Wrench and New Enemies

    The new expansion goes live today and adds two new characters, new story missions, Resistance Ops and more for Season Pass holders. Season Pass owners for Watch Dogs: Legion will be receiving a wealth of new content today as the new Bloodline expansion launches. Title Update 5 is also going...
  2. Heaven__

    Watch Dogs: Legion – Bloodline Story Trailer Confirmed for Ubisoft Forward

    New teaser sees Wrench from Watch Dogs 2, one of two new hero characters in the expansion, looking to maybe smash something. In between teasing Aiden Pearce’s trip to London and adding zombies to the game, Ubisoft will premiere the story trailer for Watch Dogs: Legion’s Bloodline expansion at...
  3. Heaven__

    Watch Dogs: Legion – Bloodline Teaser Sets up Aiden Pearce’s Trip to London

    Watch Dogs: Legion has seen a number of updates since launch along with the addition of online multiplayer and Mina, the first hero character. However, when Ubisoft first announced its slate of post-launch DLC, everyone wanted to know more about Aiden Pearce’s role. The official Twitter account...
  4. Heaven__

    Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead Announced – 4-Player PvE Mode Goes Live Tomorrow

    Title Update 4.5 arrives tomorrow for Watch Dogs: Legion and while it adds a 60 FPS performance mode for current-gen consoles, it also offers a unique new mode for multiplayer. Dubbed Legion of the Dead, it sees four players partaking in a PvE roguelite mode, fighting off waves of the undead...
  5. Heaven__

    Watch Dogs Legion Update 1.12 March 8 (PS5 1.070) Sneaks Out (Update)

    Ubisoft has released the Watch Dogs Legion update 1.12 March 8 (PS5 version 1.070) patch now, and this should bring the Online Mode (at least the game data) to consoles given it’s due out tomorrow, March 9. We’ve outlined that and whatever changes we’ve noticed below. PC players, sadly, Ubisoft...
  6. Heaven__

    Watch Dogs Legion Multiplayer Mode Release Date Is March 9, Season Pass Owners Getting 2 Unique SP Missions

    Those looking to get real-world people involved in their hacking in Watch Dogs Legion, you’ll be able to do just that very soon! Ubisoft announced the Watch Dogs Legion multiplayer mode release date and it’s set for March 9! In a press release, Ubisoft announced that this will be rolled out via...
  7. Heaven__

    Watch Dogs: Legion Confirmed To Be Playable Offline; Cross-play Coming In Future Update

    October will end with Ubisoft’s next entry in the Watch Dogs franchise, Legion. It’ll mark an ambitious move for the series, as it will allow you to recruit anyone to your cause, all while promising a strong story and unique enough characters. We’ll have to wait to the month’s end to see if it...
  8. Dermot

    Watch Dogs Legion Post-Launch Content Announced

    Ubisoft has announced the Watch Dogs Legion post-launch content players will get to enjoy once the game’s out. Thankfully, it’ll be free for owners of the game, and as one might expect, it’ll focus on the multiplayer portion of the game. Head on below for the new trailers featuring the...
  9. Heaven__

    Watch Dogs: Legion – 10 New Things We Learned About The Game

    Watch Dogs: Legion has looked like a fascinating prospect since the day it was announced, and though it’s seen some ups and downs prior to launch with a pretty sizeable delay, with its final launch date now closer, it feels it’s in touching distance. With not long left until the game releases...
  10. Heaven__

    Ubisoft Forward Line-up Includes Watch Dogs: Legion, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

    Ubisoft’s upcoming “E3-style” showcase will be taking place on July 12th and after a brief teaser, the company has confirmed what’s in store. You can check out all the relevant games in the newest trailer below. One interesting bit: Tune into the pre-show at 10:30 AM PDT and you can claim Watch...
  11. Heaven__

    Ubisoft Hypes Up Upcoming Ubisoft Forward Showcase With New Teaser

    Ubisoft announced their E3-style showcase, called Ubisoft Forward, a couple of months ago, and with the show’s July 12 premiering edging closer, the company has released a short teaser trailer to kick the hype into gear. It shows glimpses of what we can assume are the games we’ll be seeing at...



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