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super smash bros ultimate

  1. Heaven__

    12 Characters We Would Like To See As DLC In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    There is no video game series quite like Super Smash Bros- this is where dreams come true, where everything is possible, where we can see (and be part of) Link, Mega Man, and Cloud Strife going head-to-head against each other Shadow Moses- and that’s not even the weirdest combination we can...
  2. Heaven__

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Next DLC Fighter Will Be Announced on January 16th

    Between delays for Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Marvel’s Avengers, leave it to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to hog some attention. Nintendo has announced that the next DLC fighter for the Switch title will be announced on January 16th at 6 AM PT. A YouTube link for the 35 minute live stream is...
  3. Heaven__

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Nintendo Releases Patch Notes For Ver. 5 Update

    Nintendo have revealed the full patch notes for Version 5.0.0 of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The biggest and most obvious change, of course, is the added support for Banjo-Kazooie, the newest addition to the game’s ever-growing roster of fighters. There’s also multiple balancing changes for many...
  4. Heaven__

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Guide – Classic Mode Character Paths, All Pokeballs And Assist Trophies

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is out now, and it’s a massive game. There are dozens of characters, over a hundred stages, and a whole lot of modes and items in the game, as well as rule sets, variations, music tracks, and more. It can get positively overwhelming trying to keep track of it all...
  5. Heaven__

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Guide: Spirit Classes, Attributes, Primary, Support, Levelling Up And Battles

    One of the primary new additions to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is Spirits. Spirits are an interesting new concept: they are sort of like assists, adding buffs and perks to your primary character, and representing a character who is not a full fighter along the way. Spirits form the basis of two...
  6. Heaven__

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Guide: Best Tips, Tricks And How To Unlock Every Character

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is now out. Nintendo’s Crossover fighter has 84 characters, over a hundred stages, over 900 tracks of music, and hundreds of items and character based assists and supports. This is without getting into a 25 hour long RPG like story mode thrown in on top, as well as the...
  7. Heaven__

    Top 10 Games to Play in December 2018

    2018 is coming to a close and it’s been a rather interesting year for games. Some releases went beyond our expectations while others plummeted hard. December still has a few big names to get hyped about and close the year on a high note. Without further ado, let’s get to the recommended games in...



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